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first shotgun?

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(2/3/03 8:06:28 pm)
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this is my first post in this forum and i am relatively new to the gun world.

the first firearm i purchased was a marlin 25N .22 rifle and am very happy with that choice. now i am looking at purchasing a 12-ga. pump shotgun. i am leaning towards a mossber 500 or remington 870 because i heard that they are good shotguns and they are inexpensive. I can get the mossberg 500 combo with the rifled slug barrel for around $350 and the 870 is a little bit more I have shot the 870 and i did like how it shot and felt.
I would appreciate any advice on which pump shotgun would make a good and inexpensive first choice.
Thank you!

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(2/3/03 8:13:25 pm)
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Re: first shotgun?
Well, you have picked the two most popular pump shotguns in the world. Both are exceptionally versatile, and either would be a good choice. Generally, you will find the Mossberg to be considerably less expensive than the 870 Wingmaster, but comparable to the 870 Express.

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(2/3/03 8:22:06 pm)
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I chose the Mossberg 500A in woodland camo. I tried both the 870 and the Mossy 500. The stock length is a little different and the safety is in a differet spot. Go to the store and feel both guns. I liked the tang safety cause I am a lefty. The 870 stock felt better to me, but not enough to pay the extra price. I also wanted the camo. The 870 I was looking at was the 870 SuperMag. It had a dull gray front sight bead that is not easily chaged out. (read: PITA!) The Mossy had two beads, a brass point mid-bead and a big white front bead. The Mossy beads can be easily changed out. The Mossy came with sling studs and the Rem 870 SuperMag had to have the mag cap "adapted" to accept a stud. (read: Drilled and tapped or replaced)

Both are good guns. My buddy bought the 870 Supermag the same time I bought the Camo 500. We are both happy.
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(2/3/03 8:42:36 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del i have a 870 supermag
really nice gun.... i like the supermag for turkey and geese huting with those 3.5' shells they really reach out there on gobblers with the rite loads..... i've had mine for about 2 years and had no problems with it.. great all purpose gun, im sure goes the same for the mossy

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(2/4/03 5:05:49 am)
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Picked up a MOssberg 500 Combo gun a long time ago, it's held up very well to a variety of messing around. A solid bargain.
If you are mostly into fowl hunting or chasing clay of all kinds, consider a nice autoloader instead.

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(2/4/03 9:10:56 am)
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Re: i have a 870 supermag
Don't forget a fine double barrel either. Most folks like th barrels one over the other. I like to be different and prefer mine juxtaposed

As far as pump go the Ithaca costs more money but it is a very well made gun. They are still hand fitted and a time tested design. I am a lefty and like the bottom ejection of the Ithica pump.

The 870 Wingmaster is also more money but a better gun than the 870 Express or the Mossberg.

For a pump gun in your price range that I consider to be the superior of the Mossberg and the 870 take a look at the Benelli Nova. Not a fact just my opinion so don't beat me up guys.

If you are going to be using it for competition shooting where you will shoot thousands fo shells a year you will be better off to get one of the spendier shotguns. Shotguns are like many other things. You get what you pay for.

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