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    with the cost of shotgun shells getting out of sight, i am thinking of reloading. what equipment would i need and how many times can shotgun shells be reloaded. i scanned over some reloading stuff at gander mountain store this past weekend, but i was in a hurry and did not take time to talk to anyone about what i need and the startup costs. maybe someone on this forum could help me? also, can the same type of equipment that reloads shotgun be used for rifle cartridges? and what type of powder is needed. as you all can plainly see, i need lots of help. thanks.
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    Shot gun reloaders will not reload rifle ammo, or pistol ammo. The first thing you need to purchase is a reloading manual. There are several on the market, some better than others, but all are adequate. Next you need a press. I don't know your budget, or how many shells you plan to reload at the time, check out what's out there, and you can do it on line. After you have read the manual, and are familure with the process, you will also need to purchase powder, shot, wadding, or shot cups, primers, and new, or once fired cases. At this point you should be ready to reload your own. As far as what type of powder to purchase, that will depend on several things. Some powders are better for light loads, and others work better on heavy loads. Check with your manual on the load you want to make up. Manuals will usually list several different kinds of powder for any given load. IMHO the less powder you use, the cheaper the reload, but that might not be the best powder for that load. I hope this helps a little. Get a Manual first, and read it. If you have any more questions after that, then ask.
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    Humm I got started reloading shotshells and then started reloading handgun then rifle.
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    All excellent advice!
    The only thing I would add,
    Start with a single stage.

    Select components/loads offering lower pressure. It takes a helluva lot more pressure to get modest increases in velocity. 1150 -1200 fps 1 oz. loads a perfect in the 12 ga. for all clay games.
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