Flak Vest

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    Flak Vest
    We all had different opinions on the decoration of the vest. One of the Puerto Rican guys in Delta company had a huge multi colored Sacred Heart on the back of his vest. I asked him if he thought it was safe and he was fatalistic about it. He believed, like many grunts that you would not be killed unless it was "your day"
    My vest had a carefully lettered "DUNG BAN" sign on the back, It means "DON'T SHOOT" in vietnamese.\
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    Re: Flak Vest
    Mike, I noted that you remarked that you had "carefully lettered" that plea on your vest---none of that 'henscratching' when you want to be sure you have a message to get across--right? There we some very original markings and decorations on that combat gear---helmets and jackets. I still get flashes about those days when I see a real catchy bumper sticker---isn't it strange what it takes sometimes to get those flashbacks/flare-ups? Wilborn

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    Re: Flak Vest
    I had a few "requests" on my gear too ..... Not that it made any difference cause they still busted my a$$. Guess ya can't blame 'em tho cause what the hell ... I was tryin' to kill them too.

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