flat shooting bullets

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    Energy is not the major factor in hand gun stopping effectiveness. It is wound channel diameter and depth. Energy is a factor in determining depth and dia, but is not in and of itsself a major factor. There is not enough energy transfer in a common hand gun round to generate much shock wave trauma. You are going to get a better stop from a H.P. that expands to .50 and exits than you are going to get from a hollow point that expands to .50 and only penetrates half way through center mass. A handgun wound is about like a bow and arrow wound. I have seen plenty of bow and arrow wounds on deer and plenty of hand gun wounds on people. They are pretty much identical. The "energy transfers" that make a gellatinized mess come from velocities that can only be reached by rifles. Look at time lapse photos of hand gun rounds into ballistic gelatin. The shockwave (what little bit there is) is almost identical regardless of the bullet type. With rifles, that totally changes, but handguns do not give the massive energy transfer that gives that instant stop.
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    We may just have to agree to desagree on this one guys. Isn't energy part of what determines wound channel depth? I've had quite a few whitetail bow kills too and I cant say any of the wounds looked near as bad as the ones my XTP spitting Python made in that calf carcus. I'll admit it was a long time ago, maybe I'll have to do it again some time to make sure my memory isn't fading. Never too old to learn. ;)

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