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    Will the new law go into effect before the courts stop it. If you are a member of the chanber of commerce you might wish to ask how they are spending your membership fees. Are the funds being used to denie you one of yourr basic rights.

    From: USFinfo@aol.com
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    Subject: ALERT -- Business Groups File Lawsuit to Ban Guns in Private Vehicles

    ALERT -- Business Groups File Lawsuit to Ban Guns in Private Vehicles

    Date: April 24, 2008
    TO: USF & NRA Member and Friends
    FROM: Marion P. Hammer
    USF Executive Director
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    Below is a news clip from the Orlando Sentinel in which The Florida Chamber of Commerce and the Florida Retail Federation threatened to file a lawsuit to block the guns-locked-in-your-car legislation if the legislature passed HB-503 and if Governor Crist signed the bill into law..

    Further, in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel they promised, "The Florida Chamber of Commerce and the Florida Retail Federation are ready to pay a legal tab they expect to total at least $250,000 to counter what they term an assault on private property rights."

    On Monday, April 21, 2008 they filed a lawsuit in Federal Court.

    If you are a member of the Chamber of Commerce or the Florida Retail Federation, the organization you support financially with your membership fees has committed to spend a minimum of a quarter-of-a-million dollars suing the state in an effort to usurp your right of self-defense.


    Business Groups Take Another Shot at Guns-At-Work

    posted by John Kennedy on Apr 16, 2008 2:43:45 PM

    As promised, Florida business groups aren't waiting long to challenge the guns-at-work legislation just signed into law by Gov. Charlie Crist.

    The Florida Chamber of Commerce and the state's Retail Federation said Wednesday they are seeking an injunction in U.S. District Court in Tallahassee to block the new measure from taking effect. The bill, approved overwhelmingly by the House and Senate, clears the way for 500,000 concealed weapons permit-holders to keep guns locked in their cars at work.

    "This law is unnecessary and a violation of the private property rights provided by the Constitution," said Mark Wilson, president of the Florida Chamber. "We are taking this action to restore what 80 percent of Florida voters believe to be true -- that a business owner should be able to decide if employees can or cannot brings guns on their property."

    Rick McAllilster, president of the Retail Federation, said. "We have said it time and again: this is a flawed solution in search of a problem."

    But National Rifle Association lobbyist Marion Hammer quickly fired back.

    "Doing that would be slapping the Legislature in the face," Hammer said about the business groups' legal maneuver. "We know they think they're better than their customers and employees. Now they think they're better than the Florida Legislature and the governor, as well. Apparently, their arrogance knows no bounds."

    To view a copy of the Complaint (lawsuit), Click here


    Or go here:


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