For All Who Went...

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    For All Who Went...
    I wrote and re-wrote the following poem. After showing a friend, who is also a Vietnam vet and poet, a draft I decided to make it more personal. What follows is the outcome...

    To All Who Went…

    You did what your country asked you to do
    And did not question why.
    You gave your youth, your innocence
    As you watched your brothers die.

    You battled in heat, rain, and mire
    Fearlessly giving your all
    To face unspeakable horror
    Answering your country’s call.

    While others fled this nation
    Dodging that bitter war,
    You pushed on and forward
    Not knowing what was in store.

    Going into the vast unknown,
    Only to give your best.
    Merely to return home,
    To scorn and contemptible protest.

    Those who have not gone
    Could never understand
    The pain, torment and memories
    Now fastened with that land.

    Some try to imagine
    Though I know I never can
    What was done, what was seen
    From Saigon to Fan Si Pan.

    I did not live through that era,
    That turmoil, that strife.
    I did not get the chance to thank
    Each one for giving their life.

    So, I pay tribute to the memorials
    I talk with each vet I see.
    I try to learn from all of them,
    For I know freedom is not free.

    I have been humbled, I am honored
    And I am proud of each and every one.
    To ALL who served in Vietnam,
    My thanks and welcome home.

    C. L. Casey

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    Re: For All Who Went...
    Nice poem Chris!
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    Very nice Winter---very nice!!! Wilborn

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    Great Poem! I wish I could write. I have more of a head for science though.

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