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Eugène Gabriel Lefaucheux

Nineteenth-Century Arms Manufacturer in Paris and Liège.

The new book in ENGLISH about Eugène Lefaucheux by Guillaume van Mastrigt and Arie Slingerland.
Over 270 paperback pages, A4 format, 300 photos and hardcover.

In this reference book, you will find everything about the character of Eugène Lefaucheux, his life and his works. It will allow you to identify, date and evaluate your Lefaucheux revolvers, pistols, carbines and shotguns for their quality. You will find both the description of the standard versions of the products, exceptional and unique pieces. A complete index of sources and names is also included.

The first edition of this book will be limited to 250 copies dated and signed by its authors.

If you want to be part of the adventure, it is possible to order the book now for € 39.90 + shipping costs (depending on the country).

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