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  2. Top Ten Signs You’re Golfing Too Much

    When you pick up something off the floor, you have to lean on your putter

    The only number on your speed dial is 1-800-TEETIME.

    You have your priorities in order: food, shelter, greens fees, job.

    You dream you go to prison but still get conjugal visits with your driver.

    You tell the lost motorist that the gas station is only a par 4 away on the left.

    You’d like to take off your glove but hey, why bother?

    Whenever you see a hole in the ground, you squat, squint and read the line.

    You’re vaguely aware of living with a woman, allegedly your wife

    You ask the shopper ahead in the checkout line if you can play through.

    Before you pick up the salt shaker, you mark its position with a dime.

    You know, Pops, another name for golf is "cow pasture billiards." :D;):p

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    Aug 27, 2005
    Bay Point, Kali..aka Gun Point
    That golfers disease is almost as bad as what we gunowners get...:D
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