for those who custom build thier .22's...

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    Reply for those who custom build thier .22's...
    how do you go about building a custom bolt action .22? where do you get the parts...bolt/action/reciever, stock, barrlel...etc.? i'd like to either do some work to my savage or build a custom. i just don't know where to start, other than i want it for target shooting at different yards. what kinna tools do i need, are there any book/manuals out there to help along on the process? i know most people use 10/22...what are the other widely avaliable options? i'd like to learn or read up on this any way i can, very interested and determined...even though the cash is falling short....
    thanks for any and all help.

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    Reply Re: for those who custom build thier .22's...
    Start with a Ruger77/22.

    I sent mine to Ace Systems. Picked it up two weeks later.

    Shoots small, tight groups.

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    C66, yur only limited by the depth of yur pocket. U can build mostly anything out of anything if U werk at it. Single shot dropping block types lend themselves to lotsa changes as do the myriad of bot actions out there. Its what U think wood look feel best.
    Theres a dude outa CROOKEville texas that thinks he noes a little about dubble deuces( questionable at best) that visits this board from time to time. I jus cant recall his "handle" at the moment. mebbe sum1 else roun here can help. Myself, I dont know jack.........

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