Forgive me, I've been there, but still feel guilty because I laughed.

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    Nov 1, 2009
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    Gulf Hammock, Florida -- A Florida man shot himself in the foot with a crossbow while hunting on Sunday night.
    Champion, who is a paraplegic, was reportedly cocking his crossbow when he accidentally fired the bolt through his left foot, pinning it to the floor of the ATV.
    He was unable to free his foot, and then became stuck on some brush when he attempted to drive out. Other hunters and family members eventually arrived and Champion was taken to a local hospital for treatment.
    FWC investigators say he suffered a puncture wound and several broken bones

    OK, it's really not funny, and I totally have empathy for anyone who has been burdened with physical disabiltiy, and I would honestly run to his aid at the risk of my own safety, but I really have to hope that he has a sense of humor and can laugh at this once he is recovered and safe.

    It has a slap stick quality to it that places images of Chevy Chase or Red Skelton or any one of us in a self inflected mess, that just causes me to chuckle. forgive me, and I hope he is healing nicely.
  2. Brisk44

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    Mar 6, 2011
    I have to agree with you.

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    Sep 4, 2011
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    When I was in the Navy, I was going down a ladder into Main Engineering and it was wet and my feet slipped out from under me at the top of the ladder (think steep steps with hand rails going through a hole cut in the deck with your back to the ladder and hands on the rails). When my feet went out, I pivoted forward on my hands and arms to catch my balance and smashed the bridge of my nose straight into the deck! Reacting to that, I threw my head back and slid down the ladder on my hands with my feet out in front of me and crashed onto the next level down on a heat exchanger we were working on and the studs on it hit my back pinching a nerve!

    My mate turned around and there I was, bleeding like a stuck pig from my face twisted into a pretzel from the pinched back and laughing my butt off! I asked him "Did you SEE that?" In my head I saw the whole thing and pictured a 3 Stooges movie scene in my mind and it tickled me to death at the time in spite of the pain.

    Be cause I kept asking him if he saw it and couldn't stop laughing and was bleeding and obviously hurt, that and he wasn't too sure I hadn't scrambled my brain/been on drugs at that point! (I wasn't) He drug me to sick bay where they patched up my broken nose.

    I COMPLETELY understand laughing at comical accidents!
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    The part that isn't so funny is that there is probably some government program that will hand out millions of taxpayers dollars to those with disabilities self-inflicted injuries. It could happen!
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