Forgotten Warriors and Warriors who can't forget!

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    Yet another piece written by Larry Dunn. He has already stopped by to visit our site and he likes what he sees.

    Stan Lambert
    St. Clair Shores, Michigan

    Today is Tet (Vietnamese New Year)!

    I always remember Vietnam at times like this - and at most other times. I remember the good times and the bad times. I remember my friends and acquaintances that didn't make it back and I remember those who still carry the scars, live with the limps, and fight the nightmares. I still have a hunk of steel that was dug from my brother's spine. He survived. At least physically.

    For those of us who came back - we did what we could with what we had. We fought the good fight. Regardless of the outcome. I made my trip to the wall. Awesome. A lot of people pass by those slabs of stone. A lot of the youngsters have no idea what it's all about. It provides a lot of people a good opportunity for reflecting on many different aspects of the Vietnam War. I have read a lot of words reflecting the thoughts of many and I have heard a lot of conversations pertaining to our involvement in a place that most of us never knew existed until Americans started to die there. I didn't hear much talk about the warriors. Most people are still (after 30 odd years) too hung up on the politics of the war to reflect on the warriors. But warriors we were. Whether we were typing papers in a Saigon office, loading and unloading airplanes at Tan Son Nhut, pulling messages from a teletype in Cam Ranh Bay, dodging bullets on the Vam Co Tay and Vam Co Dong, riding Swifts up a river that was much to narrow, sliding through the mud with faces painted green, flying jets, or bombers, or Loaches, or riding a carrier or tincan in the South China Sea; regardless - we were the warriors.

    My thoughts and memories don't include the question of whether it was right or wrong. To me, the wall isn't about the war - it's about the warriors.

    It's about sons and daughters, uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, friends and lovers. It's about dead warriors. It's also about forgotten warriors and warriors who can't forget. Veterans. Vietnam Veterans. Forgotten warriors from a war people want to forget.

    Somehow in the minds of the masses, we warriors couldn't be separated from the war. Somehow our patriotism, our dedication and our integrity got tainted. Okay, it was a bad war - but we were good warriors. We didn't like the war and we didn't like what we were doing. But we did it because that's what being an American is all about. We were no different from the Warriors of WWII and Korea. We didn't want to die but we did.

    We didn't want to be maimed for life but we were. When we bled our blood was just as red and when we died we were just as dead.

    We Vietnam veterans come in all sizes, shapes and colors from all walks of life. Some serve in the highest positions in the land and others rot on death row. Some sleep on satin sheets, others on park benches. But when you strip off the five-hundred dollar suits and the grimy levis, you uncover a brother - bound by a common bond.

    Happy New Year Brothers.

    Larry L. Dunn
    Vietnam Veteran

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    words well said...


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    Re: Forgotten Warriors and Warriors who can't forget!
    There are some bogus statistics out there which say that as a group Vietnam vets are from the lower socioeconomic class, are generally poorly readjusted, poorly educated, and haven't (as a group) amounted to much since Vietnam. I wonder what demographics were used for that survey?????????

    There is a second and more believable survey which says exactly the opposit. That, in fact, as a group, Vietnam veterans have out performed their WWII predecessors in all facets. I tend to believe the second survey is far more accurate.

    On top of all that, one of the most interesting facts is that the Vietnam vet came home to a WWII era watered down GI bill which had not even in a small way kept up with inflation and in spite of that has (as a group) done extremely well. It speaks extremely well for the Vietnam veteran!!!!

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    Good points Dave! To borrow a term of yours...the Rat Bastid Congress. Will empty taxpayers pockets for "soscial-IST give aways but little if any to those that have earned and warrant benefits. Good points!

    What can ya say about Larry Dunn!...he's a terrific writer and I wish he could have been one of the War Correspondents...the folks back home would have gotten the best perspective of how it was.

    Goodun Stan!
    ...and two hard boiled eggs.

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    I have also heard the saying that Vietnam turned out more men who went to prison and more of them hit the park benches then in the last war. I to do not agree with that. Look around at the successful people that made something out of their lives without the help that some of the other veterans were able to have. As for the men being not as educated, it was the youngsters just out of highschool that were marching to war. The draftee was a lot of the time someone failing out of college.

    Most of the time the Nam Vet didn't want to admit he had been in-country.

    I believe a lot of the problem we had with the public when we returned home was the media. There were people that I met after I returned home that thought I was telling an untruth, when they found out that women had served there.

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    Hope...good point on the media! They are the sob's that sure as hell didn't help us in VN, nor after VN. That's why so much shit that was read about VN and the Vets during and after was a crock of many believing what they read. It all depends on what sells.

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    Anyone who wants to learn the true definition of the Vietnam veteran, I wholeheartedly suggest going to your local public library and checking out the book STOLEN VALOR.

    If you haven't read it yet, it will definitely open your eyes.

    Stan Lambert
    St. Clair Shores, Michigan

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    Sharon!...wish your husband would read this from Larry Dunn..the 2nd paragraph he speaks of all having been the part that was asked of us.

    Your husband had the skills...he did what was asked and more so as Medicals always do.

    Not pushing Sharon...just trying to see if the door will open any.

    I've noticed Fredneck dropping in now and again...thats great!...Bree's husband was one of the real good guys at GB...seem to weigh and measure his replys there.

    Hope to see him Bree!

    Hope to see ya Fredneck! You Peepin Tom...ER! UH! Peepin Fred you!
    ...and two hard boiled eggs.
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