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Found an Iver Johnson .32

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My mother found a pistol hidden in a closet. Just curious about its age and which model it might be.

It's an Iver Johnson, 5-shot, .32. The serial number behind the grip is B 8483 and there's a number 1 on the opposite side.

The information on the frame below the grip is quite worn. I can read June 16, 96 followed by A and maybe JG. The next line seems to be: AJG T/G 04PA79 RF, but the letters/numbers are badly worn. I'm sure I have a few wrong.

The owl on the grips is looking down toward the grips.

On the bottom of the trigger guard is 3483.

Any ideas on it's age & model number?
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Some pictures would help answer your questions.
Welcome to TFF.

As JohnHenry advises, clear photos would probably confirm identity, but on assumption that number under left grip is clearly B8483, and that the grips are original to the gun, it would be a smokeless powder .32 S&W caliber small frame hammerless 2nd model made in 1910.

The number on the trigger guard would be a worn 8483, and marking on end of butt would have read:

Here are the pic's. The number on the bottom of the trigger guard certainly could be 8483. It's so worn I thought the first number was a 3. So I think hrf probably nailed it. Thanks.
Hmmmm. Trying to attach pictures again. Let's see if it works this time...


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