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    (11/19/02 6:05:44 pm)
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    Anyone know when Frankford Arsenal stopped using corrosive primers in their M72 match ammo (173 gr. 30-06)

    A friend has given me several boxes (and a source for several cases at a great price).

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    Shootist3006, First let me welcome you to the board. We hope you like what you see and enjoy your stay.

    I can't answer your question, but I believe Tac, Our Adminstrator will probably have the answer. If not him, someone will know.

    I saw your old post on TFE about the 44. There is a guy on gunbroker wanting one. I don't know where you are from, but Thought I'd pass on the information.

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    Good question, there has to be a current DCM or CMP shooter out there that would know.

    I shot DCM at a club in the mid-80s and I THINK the new stuff then was non-corrosive, but the old rangemaster made us clean the club's Garands after every match just like they were firing all corrosive.

    Of course, we were firing mainly the M2 ball, the match stuff was saved for the guys going to Camp Perry, but it was all issued new every year back then if I remember right...I remember the van and pick-ups driving into the club late one night all bouncing bottom pretty bad after picking up our yearly allotment in Illinois...we REALLY only had about 30 "real" DCM shooters, but I learned when I became an officer that EVERY club member was carried on the rolls as a "Service Rifle/DCM competitor" whether they knew it or not so we had PLENTY of Garand ammo...

    (The darn archers NEVER figured out why they kept getting the "DCM Updates" in the mail...

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    Hi Shootist.....and Welcome to TFF!

    This oughta tell you what you need to know:

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    (11/20/02 3:29:29 pm)
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    xracer, thanks for the link. The only problem is that it does not address M72Match ammo (that and the fact that there is an error in the Lake City cut-off dates). Lake City MATCH used corrosive primers up to 1968 - match competitors do not like CHANGE in their ammo.

    Since it does have at least one error and since it fails to address M72 Match, how much can I trust it???

    I guess I will have to use the old method of determining corrosive content and wait on ordering in case lots.

    For those wondering, the 'old' method would be to find a thin sheet of soft steel and shoot it several times with the suspect ammo from close range (2 or less feet) and then several times (at a different spot on the plate) with known non-corrosive loads and then store it in a humid atmosphere for a few days, then compare the rust spots.

    As soon as I can find a good test plate of steel, (and the Santa ana winds stop blowing), I will run a test and post the results.

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    Re: Corrosive primers
    Welcome to TFF Shootist3006!

    I believe that most arsenal '06 ammo went non-corrosive
    in the mid 1950's. I have some from Frankfort Arsenal from
    the mid to late 50's and 60's, and it's not corrosive.

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    (11/21/02 4:53:18 pm)
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    I use fine steel wool for my tests, works much faster.

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    (1/5/03 10:05:34 pm)
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    Frankfort went non-corrosive in Oct 1951 if it was inline with the 150 gr ball and AP. Possibly earlier for the match stuff.
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