Free Realistic ground sim

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    Ken GFA
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    (5/24/02 7:24:47 am)
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    Rated Teen by the ESRB, America's Army meticulously recreates individual and team missions, as well as the myriad career paths available to a soldier from the barracks to the battlefield. It is an innovative hybrid of two intertwined sub-games, Operations and Soldiers. Operations, powered by Epic Games' Unreal Warfare engine, is a first-person 3D action game boasting the Army's expert specifications on military equipment, training, munitions, ballistics and recoil effects, and scenario realism. It features the motion-capture of real Army soldiers in action and animations based on location-specific hits. There are six single-player training missions and 10 online squad-versus-squad operations.

    WOW from what I heard and saw on Headline News this is supposed to eb the best most realistic ground game ever...

    Looks promising.... anyone else heard of this ???

    for the intro and screen shots... looks really good !! It may ask you to log on, just tell it no several times and it will stop would be a great gift for your kids or grandkids or...if ya feel like killin a few enemies.....get it for yourself

    V.I.P. Member
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    (5/24/02 3:17:01 pm)
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    looked interesting, and the Headline News story also pointed out that it was intended as a major Recruiting tool.

    Ken GFA
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    (5/24/02 4:51:23 pm)
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    yep...your right all the more reason to get it.....could be a collectors item down the road.....specialy from the goverment.

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    (5/26/02 8:35:41 pm)
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    If I can find the time, I'll check it out...

    Like I need another game, as it is now, I barely have enough time to play Squad Leader and Steel Panthers...

    Confession time!

    With my new job, I don't have anywhere near the time to be on this computer...but when I can, I find myself having to get my fix of Steel at least...which is why I'm not on here so much anymore!

    (When I don't have alot of time before bedtime, dialing up through my slow local Earthlink server that takes like ten tries to connect is a real pain, so I usually start a game while I'm waiting, and sooner or later get caught up in it and never end up getting on line....)
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    Ken GFA
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    (5/27/02 12:10:55 am)
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    rgrt....I did the earthlink thing....wasnt for me so I went witha local ISP.....with better bps's and for less money at the time.
    Wouldnt hurt ta get some prices out there just ta see.
    Cs came out with an anticheat program so everyone is equal once again.hehe I went on the CS forums in there and the cheaters are crying about thier cheats arnt workin.....poor guys.
    The AK-47 and the M4A1 kicks butt in there.