French MAS 49 in 308 Found. What is it???

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    Hi Guys,

    Ok.....Well I'm really familiar with the FN 49's and all of the diff variants but I've just found a French MAS 49 carbine in 308 that was imported a few years back. It's got stamped on the right side of the receiver "7.62" which I'm assuming means that it's in .308. It has a 10rd detatchable mag, grenade flash hider with separate slip over grenade launcher and it's in excellent shape.

    I'd appreciate any help about this gun.

    Thanks, Ray
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    The MAS 49 was the full length semi-auto battle rifle, and the MAS49/56 was the shorter carbine length rifle. Both were originally chambered in 7.5 mm French. The ones that were imported are a mixed bag - some are original 7.5 French, some were converted at the country of origin to .308 in the 1960s by changing the barrel, and some were converted to .308 by the importer by the use of a chamber insert. Some of the ones with the chamber insert have been reported to have some problems with casings hanging up in the chamber after a few rounds have been fired.

    Overall these are a fine robust rifle that withstands a lot of abuse.
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