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I thought you would be interested to know we have a new issue of More Than Merely Names completed with expanded information. It is also up to date with remains returned and identified data through early this month.

Little did we know when we started this project many years ago what it would become. And yes, I’m very proud of this book and the impact it has on the Vietnam War POW/MIA issue. In a nutshell the information contained in it readily answers many questions about our prisoners and missing. Questions like: Who are our POW/MIAs? What happened to him/them? Did my man or woman come home during Operation Homecoming or has his remains been returned and identified? Where is he from? How old was he then/would he be now? – and so much more.

We’ve kept the price of the book the same at $28.00, however, the cost of shipping has gone up. We’re lucky in that “MTMN” fits into the US Post Office’s padded priority flat rate envelope – just barely, but it does fit! – so the cost of S/H is only $10.00 per book.

If you’re interested in obtaining a copy of MTMN, I’ve attached an order form for your convenience.



I've attempted to copy the attachment for the order form but could not print it..Chief
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