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Front sight replacement

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This is another of those freebies I was given. I think this one can be restored to a serviceable shot gun. It is a Crescent Fire Arms Co., Norwich Conn. USA. 12 ga. double barrel. The front bead sight is damaged and I was wondering if replacing it is something I could do. Are they just screwed in or are they glued as well. Would I need a blind tap to chase the threads after the remnants of the existing sight are removed? Will I just screw the whole thing up if I try to screw the old sight out? How will I determine the thread size for a new sight? Is this something I should just give over to someone that knows what they are doing?


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Todd. just run a #37 drill thru the hole and hit it with a 5-44 plug tap. You dont need but about a 1/8" of threads in the hole and you can screw a replacement mossberg white bead on it. Looking at the pic it looks like it may already be 5-44.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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