Frozen Kitten

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    An old guy and his wife were navigating the unplowed streets in town that had 8" furrows of ice and snow. The windows were steam up because the defroster wasn't quite getting the job done. The wife looking out her side window spotted what appeared to be a little black and white kitten trying to manage the furrows crossing the street. She yelled at her husband to stop the car and ordered him to retrieve the kitten. Risking life and limb the old guy stopped the car in traffic, got out and made his way over to wife's side, using the car to support himself as to not slip on the ice and grabbed the kitten just as it was about to seek refuge under the car. As he fell back into his seat he tossed the shivering little bundle of black and white fur to his wife, who said; "oh my God this is not a kitten, it is a baby skunk and the poor little thing is almost frozen to death." "What should I do." The old guy said; " put it down between your legs to keep it warm." The wife said; "what about the smell?" The old guy without hesitation said; "just hold its little noise."


    I did not realize this had already been posted. Oh well its still funny.
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