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    I have been looking for a bullet that matches the profile of the M1 Ball cartridge, the first US military spitzer. What I am trying to do is match the exact load used for my US Model of 1917, Eddystone; any bullet with a BC of around .4 will hit at the right height at 300 yards, then hit a lot higher at 400 yards and higher yet as the distance increases.

    I found a picture of the M1 Ball bullet a while back, but stupidly forgot to save the image; so I don't have a reference to show you. But most pictures on the web are of the M2 ball mislabeled the M1.

    Anyway; I just realized last night that the 160gr FTX made for the 30-30 looks almost just like it. The only problem is that the reloading data on Hornady's website has no data for the 30-06.
    FTX reloading data...

    I'm thinking the velocity will need to be around 2600fps, but the only data I've found that goes that fast is the .308 Win and the .308 Marlin Express; whereas, the twist rate is only 1 in 12.

    The 30-40 Krag has a 1 in 10 twist, just like my Eddystone, unfortunately, the top speed is 2400fps.

    I would like to know; is there anyone that has used the FTX in a 1 in 10 twist, that has reached 2600fps or more, without the bullets coming apart from "over-stabilization?"

    I am thinking there is no load data for the 30-06 because the RPMs will be too great; whereas, the bullets disintegrate in midair.

    Does anyone know of a 160 to 175gr bullet with a BC of .35 or so, that can handle my specifications?
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