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    So to grow more pro shooters we need to reopen all the closed ranges

    and get folks onto them and shooting , get more junior shooter programs in more area's and rural firearms skills courses etc

    and because gun rights is a not political correct subject here , its hard to get corporate money

    so to not bleed the memberships dry .. i'm looking at ammo stores at the ranges

    a couple of ranges i've helped start in the past did a cent a bullet

    they bulk purchased ammo in pallet loads to get the wholesale price way down and added 1 cent per bullet ( added 50 cent to the standard box of .22 LR )

    and it was still cheaper than the bulk ammo stores

    however , it was a hassle to have that much ammo stored at a range , security rules here are no joke when talking bulk ammo storage..

    so heres the idea..

    so we set up 1 range with 24 hour security and patrol

    build a large magazine , big enough to take container loads

    distribute weekly/fornightly/monthy.. to all the other ranges

    sell at the average retails level to not send the gun stores broke
    but use the profit to fund the reopening of new clubs until they are viable

    then 50/50 the profits to the clubs and the national start up group

    if we can buy direct from the manufacturers the prices are 28% of RRP inc shipping to OZ and delivery to us but we gotta buy a container load (450,000 bricks of .22 LR )

    and stick to .22 and a few (2 or 3) pistol rounds and 12g shotgun

    what all the clubs use in competitions, the big bores and mil rifle clubs also shoot .22 and shot gun and pistol events

    thats the idea, its not to take over the market , but to dodge a middleman and to fund shooting growth in Australia

    if we compete on all ammo we'd kill the private stores and we dont want that , so stick to the few we now get used at the club and let the stores provide the rest as they have done ,

    what do you think ?

    i'll be pitching it to the national exec committee next month ..
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