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    May 25, 2003
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    Subject: Reciprocity makes its first steps

    RMGO has been working with a number of state legislators to push the
    reciprocity issue -- so that if you have a concealed carry permit, it is
    valid in other states as well. We won't take credit for it -- frankly,
    there are a number of state employees working to make reciprocity

    This morning, CBI announced a new listing of states. For that listing,
    go to:


    According to Jason L. Hopfer, Esq., Legislative Liaison for the Colorado
    Department of Public Safety:

    "As of this morning, CBI has listed on their website those states that
    have reciprocity with Colorado. At this time, the states with a yes are
    those states that have statutes that automatically recognize valid
    permits from another state (with the exception of Florida with whom we
    have an agreement). The states with a no either do not recognize
    out-of-state permits or do not have CCW systems. The unknown states
    require some sort of formal agreement with the other state. CBI has
    sent letters to those states requesting reciprocity, they will be
    updated on the website as the information is received."

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