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RobC in Missouri
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(10/30/01 8:22:14 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All G3 Receivers & Kits Specifically
This kinda falls under the "Kit Gun" topic, but I don't want it to get lost there.

I'm aware of the legalities of assembling your own gun and having the required US parts count (and semi-auto parts) to make it legal, so no posts on the regs please....

In the past I've built an AR-15 clone and an FAL (both staying within the regs). Now I'm thinking about taking the G3 challenge. I know it's more cost effective to buy one already assembled, but I like the DIY ethic...

I've seen the different receivers available - the aluminum one (looks clunky, but no welding), a steel one without the cocking tube (welding apparently required), and finally, the FMP version with the cocking tube and trunion already installed. A lot of people recommend the FMP; I was just wondering if there is still welding involved with that one, or is it pretty much plug-and-play, so to speak?

That said, I do like the look of the Cetme, although I've heard bad reviews about the assembly done by Century. Perhaps I'm better off with one of those and fixing what Century broke?

RobC in Missouri

Senior Chief Moderator Staff
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(10/30/01 8:26:01 pm)
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Re: G3 Receivers & Kits Specifically
I would go with the CETME and fix anything that's not right. Remember, you hear about the few that had to be repaired but you dont hear about the many that worked fine from jump...

If you insist on doing-it-yourself (and there is nothing wrong with that), get the receiver with the cocking tube and trunion already attached. You'll have enough headache with parts specs!

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(10/30/01 8:55:49 pm)
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First step in the G3 world.....Take hammer-Smash thumb, mouth opened......pour in pepto. Now start. LTS
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