Gaddafi's son reported slain

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    hold on he was safe last week awaiting a trial and now he's killed leading pro ghidaffi rebels ??

    how about we sort this , after telling the islamists all they wanted to know the executed him on the aniversary of his fathers death as anniversaies are big in islam

    look at 9/11 and what other 9/11 there where

    heres the BS newsies version of the facts

    The youngest son of toppled Libyan leader dictator leader Muammar Gaddafi has been reported killed in fighting between militias on the first anniversary of the dictator's death.

    The death was reported on Saturday by Libya TV while earlier reports said Gaddafi regime spokesman Moussa Ibrahim had been captured and was to be transferred to Tripoli for questioning.

    Khamis Gaddafi, 29, a former military commander, had previously been reported killed during the uprising against his father's regime.

    A Libya TV reporter, who himself was wounded in the fighting in Bani Walid, said on Saturday that he had seen Khamis Gaddafi's body.

    Bani Walid was one of the regime's last stronghold's during the 2011 revolution.

    The Libyan Army on Saturday had launched an attack on armed groups in Bani Walid after a siege of more than two weeks. Troops hit targets in the southeastern city as five of the government troops were wounded in the clash, which saw the forces capture a tank from the militia.

    Army forces had besieged the town while tribal leaders tried to broker a peaceful solution between the two sides. Sporadic clashes left scores of troops and civilians dead.

    Ibrahim was captured in the town of Tarhouna, which lies between Tripoli and Bani Walid.

    During the conflict last year in Libya, Ibrahim held regular press conferences for international journalists in Tripoli. His whereabouts had been unknown since rebels took over Tripoli in August 2011.

    Saturday was the anniversary of the killing of Muammar Gaddafi in his birthplace, Misurata.

    "The campaign to liberate the country has not been fully completed," Mohammed Magarief, head of Libya's National Congress, said on state television.

    Colonel Ahmed Omran Abouhlalh told the official news agency that security forces tightened their grip on the 40-kilometre coastal road that links the capital with the town of al-Zawiya.

    Troops took control of the road after a group of Gaddafi loyalists tried to block the highway, the report said.

    Libya's new rulers have ordered that illegal militias be disbanded and have launched a disarmament drive, in an effort to re-establish security.
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    Another 2 year old thread pulled up...why?
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    New members lookin around. Anyway they can be archived after X amount of time? I have lots of stuff with Jacks name on it from the old forum.
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    I am still celebrating the death. So, thanks for making my Friday. Something to be really happy about...............
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