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(3/16/02 6:27:29 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All What the heck is this?
I have a Gallus 25 ACP pistol and am trying to figure out when it was produced. The marking are as follows:

Left slide upper: PISTOLET-AUTOMATIQUE 6.35 (actually the .35 is an underscored 35 but I don't know how to make that on this board)

Left slide lower: "GALLUS" (yes, the quotes are stamped on the slide)

Right frame by thumb well: SPAIN

Right frame above trigger: 989X (the X is actually a different number, changed for security)

It is in condition 3 or 4 but is still probably functional. When was this produced and about what is it worth?



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(3/16/02 7:01:43 pm)
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Re: What the heck is this?
Welcome aboard, can you post a picture of this pistol?
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(3/16/02 11:31:33 pm)
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The Gallus is one of the numerous trade guns manufactured in the Eibar region of Spain subsequent to the end of WWI, and prior to the Spanish Civil War (mainly between 1919 and 1936). As the WWI war production ended for the French contracts, the numerous gun shops in the Eibar region turned to marketable arms for the consumer market. One of the popular formats was a modification on the 32 caliber (7.65mm) Eibar style gun sold to the French Government. The Gallus is a 6 shot 6.35mm (25ACP) with straight cut serrations on the rear of the slide, and a hammer ignition system as opposed to a striker system. Original grips are hard black rubber with "6.35" marked on them.

I am not sure what condition you are refering to. Is it functional, but most of the blueing gone, minor pitting? If so, the value would be $70 to $95 (depending on condition).

Of course, being a collector of these little jewels, if you are interested in selling it, let me know.
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