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  1. CDonald

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    Feb 16, 2011
    I'm considering three options to have a new, short-chambered (1952 SA unissued) barrel installed on my 1942 (S/N 6xx,xxx) GI receiver. The barrel was still packed in cosmolene and wrapped in cheesecloth when I bought it.

    1) There's a recommended Garand expert in the gunsmith's shop at the local Scheel's. He quoted me a price of $225.

    2) Dean's Gun Restorations ( does great work. $125 plus shipping (and I'd want to insure the shipment).

    3) Springfield Armory - the original manufacturer - still does this, also for $125. I expect shipping/insurance costs would be about the same.

    Even though I'd prefer not shipping it, I'm really leaning toward Springfield Armory - that just seems to me like the logical choice.

    I'd like to hear what experiences others have had. It came as a surprise to me that Springfield does this, so it may be news to others too.

  2. Millwright

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    Jun 30, 2005
    "Experts" are often like leaks - undesirable expressions under pressure often leading to problems - OTOH if your local "expert" has a strong track record of performance under pressure.......Do your research !

    IOW, I'd go with the folks with access to all the drawings and decades of experience with the arm in question that have done it frequently. But then I'd opt for the same if it was for a medical procedure....... >MW
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