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My father recently passed on to me HIS father's .270 rifle. According to my father, my grandfather bought this rifle in about 1946 or 1947 and paid "a lot of money" for it. No idea what that means. My grandfather lived in the San Antonio, TX area at the time.

It has the following markings on it - on the top of the barrel it says "Gartman 270". On the left side of the receiver isa stamped "98". That's it. I have read a bit on-line about Gartman barrels...and Johnson-Gartman rifles, but can't find much. They seem to have been based up in Massachusettes. The most unique thing about this seems to be the unusual muzzle break. I recall seeing a similar muzzle break in a very old "Shooter's Bible" many years ago.

I wish my Dad had left the vintage scope on it, but he had replaced it with a new Leopold 25 years ago. It is a very accurate rifle and very light weight.

Here are pictures and I appreciate any insight anyone might have.

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