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Trying to identify, and date, this pistol I picked up. Break action, single shot.
only markings are:
Top of barrel:
O. Geyger & Co. Berlin

Side of barrel:
0,15 grN.G.P. M/71
2,14 gr Bl.

Bottom of barrel:
B (with crown) G (with crown)
U (with crown)


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0.15 grams (2.31 grains) of Mauser 71 smokeless (N - Nitro - smokeless) powder
2.14 gram (33 grains) lead bullet (Bl G" for Blei Geschoss [plain lead] bullet)

B - proofed using Mauser powder
U - definitive proof
G - rifled barrel

These proofs are from 1891 to 1939. They quit listing the powder charge after 1912.

Quite possibly the 611 is the date it was proofed - June 1911.

Sounds like a 22 short. Possibly 22 Long, with that 33 grain bullet. Certainly not a Long Rifle, so even if one fits, don't shoot one in it.

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