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In addition to the handgun mentioned in a different thread of mine, my grandfather brought home a Mauser 98k from WWII. This gun has never even had a bullet loaded into it.

I've been researching the markings and have identified most of them but was wondering if you could help with a couple.

It has this eagle/swastika marking (this isn't my gun, just a reference). Does this mean anything specific other than that it was issued for use in the war? It has two small ones towards the side and then a larger one right on top. The larger one has a 2 on the left and a 4 on the right of the swastika. What does that mean?

It is stamped "duv" which I guess means it was built in Berlin-Luebecker Maschinenfabriken, Werk Luebeck. Is that rare? Common? Unusual? Interesting?

Stamped 42 meaning it was built in 1942, I guess.

One thing I can't find info on is that under the serial number in a couple different places is a cursive "g." Any info on that?

Pretty much every steal part is marked 1701, which I guess is the serial number. The butt stock marked 1494, however. Was this swapped from a different gun? That would really surprise me.

What might this be worth? I'd never sell it, but I'm curious.

Thanks for any info.

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