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    The old German serial number block issue has risen it's snakelike head again. I received a 1941 Mauser Luger here from a friend for trade with me or an evaluation. It is an all matching 1941 BYF with all matching serial numbers. It has a 97% finish and bore.

    I received a call from the Connecticut State Police that I had a Luger with the same serial number as a gun in Massachusetts. It took me 1-1/2 hours to explain that the entire serial number should read 41byf-474x f, not the 4 digit numbers by itself. The gun they were confusing the one I had with had these markings: S/42G-474x-t.
    He finally admitted they were not the same pistol, when he saw the photos of both guns.

    I had the same thing happen when I tried to trade a Sporterized K98k to a dealer in Florida. The local Sheriff actually charged me with possession of stolen property. I had to hire a lawyer for $600 to go to the court with me. I was exonerated and got my rifle back. I approached the gun dealer and told him he needed to know more about guns to be in the gun business. I also told him, I thought he should pay my legal fees. He refused. I was a member in 5 different gun clubs in the area at the time and I informed my fellow club members of the bad deal I got and they boycotted the dealer's business. He closed soon. $600 does not sound like much money but in 1971 it was a lot.

    My friend Scott, in Memphis had a K98k and had the same thing happen to him. The cops came to the dealer's shop and picked him up, and he was also charged with possession of stolen property. He had bought the rifle from the gun shop I used to own with Powers Dunaway and we bought it from Century Arms. We had to copy our paperwork and send it to his attorney. He was exonerated. To this day he is always delayed by the NICS computer due to this incident.

    There are a LOT of ignorant gun dealers and they can cause you a lot of trouble about this subject.

    Most WW1 British No 1 Mk III rifles are also marked in 9999 serial number ranges.

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