Gernade Launcher Sites

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    Grenade Launcher Sites
    Hello. This is a question for the military/retired people. Is it possible for you to mount any kind of sight on the M16 in addition to the quadrant sight(for the M203 grenade launcher)? Am I correct in calling it a quadrant sight? Here's what it looks like:

    Please help. Thanks. This is for 1/6th stuff. If you don't know what that is, it's the 1 foot tall "Action Figure". If you don't know, a lot of military and law enforcement are into that also. That is my other passion. Some people like their figures to be accurate, therefore I am asking if you can mount another sight in addition to the quadrant sight. Thanks again.


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    Re: Grenade Launcher Sites
    That is the only sight besides optics that I have seen mounted on one.
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