Getting used to CC with holster..advice

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    I also have a S&W MP Shield in .40 and .45 and BOTH have a thumb safety???
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    If you have a manual safety, you need to practice. Then practice some more. Then practice more. There have been documented cases where people had need of a defensive firearm, failed to disengage the safety, and lost the gunfight. Even without a manual safety, you need to practice a lot, and maintain your practice. It is VERY easy to fail to index your trigger finger on the draw. The finger finds it's way into the trigger guard and a negligent discharge is the result. Reholstering practice is important also, there are YouTube videos of people shooting themselves in the leg while reholstering. Practice using snap caps or spent cartridges. My SIG does not have a manual safety, just a decocker. My PPK has a safety as does my S&W 659 and 1911. I usually carry 2 spare magazines, whatever I am carrying.

    As to whether you can carry in a store or place with a "no guns" sign, with a license, you need to consult your own state's laws. I know and understand the law as it applies to the Texas LTC, but Alabama will be different. Are you required to take a class in Alabama to receive your concealed carry license? If not, the onus is on you to know and understand the laws of your state. For that matter, if you happen to travel out of your state, you should at least have a basic understanding of the laws of whatever state you are travelling to or through. When I am going to a place that does not allow me to carry a firearm (voting, courthouse, sporting event etc), I lock my pistol in my truck, it has a small safe built into the center console.
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    I live in a very warm area---outer garments are seldom warranted so I pocket carry---cargo pocket style pants and shorts, and pleated dress slacks go very well with pocket carry, but compatible jeans will require some shopping around.
    This goes well with the situational awareness issue.
    If you suspect things might go sideways, hand in pocket and you're more ready than if you have to pull up your shirt and draw--- plus you also have a free left hand since you won't have to use it to pull up your shirt--- which would be valuable should there is a scuffle.