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  1. I would very much appreciate your opinions concerning the so-called "Glaser Safety Slugs" produced by Corbon. More specifically, I would like to see your input with regard to the use of this specialized ammo in very small caliber auto pistols chambered for very marginal cartridges like the .25 ACP and .32 Auto. As we would all agree, I think, these calibers are somewhat questionable for self-defense in the first place, though at times weapons chambered for them may well be all a person can carry because of various physical limitations. I'm just curious if you think using the Glasers would add any significant capability to the weapons if used for self-defense.

    Now, before we get started, let me also add that I am not advocating Glasers, per se. In fact, I carry either Gold Dots or HydraShoks in my normal carry guns because I firmly believe they are much more effective. I am, however, sometimes limited, because of circumstances, to carrying a small auto (usually a .32) as a pocket pistol. Would adding the rather expensive Glasers be of any benefit? Obviously, before using them, one would need to test enough of them through the weapon to make certain they will cycle properly and reliably, which in itself is a rather expensive proposition.
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    Jan 28, 2002
    I think I would stay with the regular Corbon ammo, the one with the BB in the nose to facilitate use in an auto pistol. Can't see where a Glaser would be any more effective. I believe that the standard Corbons are in a +P configuration to give them a little more oomph! Just my $.02.

  3. punchie

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    IMHO the pre-fragmented or "SAFE" loads from MagSafe or Glasser in the smaller calibers could quite possibly work against you in a case of need. These types of loads are designed for maximum energy transfer with minimal penetration. The weak ballistics of the smaller calibers make adequate penetration problematic, especially during the winter months when more substatial clothing is worn.

    IF I should be unfortunate enough to have to shoot someone in self defense, I don't want to make them mad. I would want them DRT!

    LIKTOSHOOT Advanced Senior Member

    Apr 26, 2001
    Sound advice from IPT.....glaser`s in small calibers create devastating shallow wounds, without deep penetration. If heavy clothing is worn, expect less.

  5. mitchshrader

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    Dec 24, 2005
    expect to be shot often and repeatedly if you anger someone with a real hand gun by shooting them with a .25

    while i'm not saying they can't be deadly. .

    i'd rather have a big knife most times. if you want tiny get a bitsy 5 shot 38.. that's why they make em.

    there are compact 9mms and 380s that aren't terrible.
  6. stash247

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    Oct 18, 2003
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    If you must carry a tiny caliber, use it up close! Whether you choose the Glaser, or a solid bullet, you will do far more damage if the shot(s) are "contact wounds". In this case, not only the bullet, but most of the powder gasses are 'injected' into the shootee, resulting in much more tissue damage, and accordant pain/injury.
    While this will not put you on the local ER Physician's Christmas List, it will give you a lot more performance out of an otherwise minimal round.
    It goes without saying that this is a 'last line of defense' tactic, where you must 'do or die', and, were it me, I'd empty the weapon in that fashion, without waiting to see results.
  7. I couldn't agree more, Terry. These weapons are definitely "belly guns" if one must carry or use them at all. I don't advocate them, but I do believe they have their place under certain circumstances. The "First Rule of Gunfighting" is always operative. :cool:
  8. rangerruck

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    Oct 16, 2005
    i have seen some video of the mousegun naa's shooting the high impact rounds like glaser, they blew up items like a m80 firecracker! very impressive.
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