Glock Drop-In Conversion Barrels

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    I'm looking for a drop-in for my Glock 27 (40 cal) to go to a 357SIG. I see a lot of barrel manufacturers such as Bar-Sto, KMM, etc. that offer a SS drop in at about $150-200. Then I see Federal Arms drop-in at $89.00. Does anyone have experience with this manufacturer? Lone Wolf & I think TopGlock sells them. Why are they so cheap?
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Drop in Barrels
    I'll preface this by saying I have no first-hand experience with the Federal Arms units, nor do I sell them.

    From all I've heard, the Federals are the junkers of the aftermarket barrels. Many more reports of unhappy users than happy ones. Go with KKM, Bar-Sto or Jarvis, pay the few extra $$ and get a known quality product.

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    The KKM barrels are good. I installed a .357 Sig barrel in a customers Glock 22 and it works great.

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    Thank You both for your opinion.
    Kinda get what you pay for.
    I'll go with the KKM or Bar-sto.
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