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    Bill Banning Gun Confiscation Going to the Governor!
    -- Please contact Gov. Otter right away

    Gun Owners of America E-Mail Alert
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    Friday, April 17, 2009

    A bill that is designed to protect your gun rights (HB 229) is on its
    way to the governor, now that is has been passed by the state house and

    This bill -- introduced by Rep. Pete Nielsen (R-Mountain Home) -- would
    strengthen state law to prohibit the confiscation of firearms and
    ammunition during a state of "extreme emergency, insurrection or martial
    law." This bill would bolster a law that was enacted a couple of years
    ago, as the earlier law would only protect gun owners during a state of

    "Even in [the more severe] instances, we should have the right to keep
    our Second Amendment right and keep our arms and ammunition," Nielsen

    His reasons certainly make a lot of sense. But Rep. Nielsen has been
    attacked in the press for pushing a bill that is
    "far-fetched" and which
    doesn't "focus on real problems." Rep. Grant Burgoyne
    (D-Boise) said
    the bill takes power away from Idaho's governor to seize arms and
    ammunition in the case of a rebellion or insurrection.

    HB 229 passed the state house in late March, and more recently, passed
    the state senate by a very comfortable margin.

    The Nielsen bill was introduced following egregious examples of anti-gun
    misbehavior by the New Orleans police during the "state of
    there. This bill will ensure the same thing doesn't happen in Idaho.

    ACTION: Please contact Gov. Butch Otter and ask him to support HB 229.
    You can use the pre-written letter below to help direct your comments to
    him. Here is the contact information for Gov. Otter:

    Ph: 208-334-2100
    Email: governor@gov.idaho.gov

    ----- Pre-written message to copy and paste for the governor -----

    Dear Governor Otter:

    Now that HB 229 has passed the legislature, I urge you to sign it into
    law. Among other things, it would prohibit the unlawful and
    unconstitutional confiscation of firearms and ammunition during a state
    of "extreme emergency, insurrection or martial law."

    The bill would outlaw police misbehavior such as the outrageous conduct
    in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, which was soundly rebuked by
    the courts.

    Unlike some parts of the country, we in Idaho value the right to keep
    and bear arms. Please reinforce this right by supporting HB 229.


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