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    Thought I would relive some humor that INPLANOTX had when he visited me way back when we were going down to squirrel camp on the Sulphur River bottoms only this was at my house.
    Here`s what he thought funny and called them golf clubs. Living on 80+ acres has some benefits when you can simply walk out your front door and shoot and it takes some by surprise because most of us have to drive somewhere.

    When he walked into the back gunroom he was struck by color coded circles on the buttstocks of ten .22`s. I then took him out the front door to explain. I told him to look around and down towards the lake and the other side of the dam. It took a little while but he then noticed three inch reflective disc attached to metal rods.

    Each reflective disc matching a color on one .22 weapon. And the heavier .22mag/17HMR. Using a rangefinder each disc represented a known distance up to 210yards. He called it just like a golfer would.........maybe a 7 iron-----LOL

    Should a pest or varmit show up, I simply walked to the back room and selected the right club for the distance. I know everyone cannot do this but it made a believer out of him just how far the lowly .22 could be effective. That day I shot one of the local fish killing cranes we had very serious problems with.........laser rangefinder@ 166 yards using a Mossberg 144 with a 12x scope.

    Needless to say he and I both had a great day and some of Bob`s Best later.
    He could not believe I had taken the time to set up reflective disc all over the property..........but when you have pest......hey, why not. There were also 6 for various centerfire`s as I sometimes had to take out a hog or coyote.

    Took months to place them all since I had to pick spots that were in the correct areas, but that was fun by itself. Then set up each rifle for that known distance.
    Cheating??? Maybe, but it did the job well. Just a short story of Golf Clubing your weapons. Hey, take it from a guy who used to call in coyotes and get up on my roof and waylay them from
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    Rick and I had lunch a few years ago in Ft Worth and he relayed that story.

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