Gone to hell!

Discussion in 'The Pump House Saloon' started by carver, Aug 18, 2010.

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    Nancy Pelosi, George Bush, and Harry Reid all die at the same time, and end up in hell. The devil tells them that since they are newley arrived they each get one phone call back to earth if they want it, but that these calls are very expensive. Nancy is the first to choose to make the call. After talking to her family for 15 minutes she hangs up, and the devil tells her that the charge is 1 million dollars, which she writes a check for. Next to make a call is Harry, and he talks for over an hour. When he is finished the devil tells him that the charge for his call is 6 million dollars, and Harry procedes to write a check. Finally George gets to make his call, and he talks for over an hour also. The devil tells him that his call will cost him $5. Nancy, and Harry hear this and begin to demand to know why George only had to pay $5. The devil explains that due to their hatered of America, and their free everything to anyone that doesn't pay taxes, that America has gone to hell, and that by the time George got to make his call, it was just a local call.
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    Sadly, this is more truth than fiction !!!!!!!

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    What Marlin said!!
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