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good deer knife

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im on the market for a good resonable priced knife for deer hunting knife. now i know some are gonna say a ka-bar but i dont like the leather handle and i think the blades are kinda big i want a 3-4 inch fixed blade...thank you in advance
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Ka-bar makes a shorter version you may like. Also, go look at what SOG offers.
Old Timer Sharpfinger, or the L'il finger:
Wow, that was my first knife. Gramps bought it for me when I was 10.
carver i have the old timer good skinning knife not so much for gutting a pain to break that pelvic bone
What holds that pelvic bone together? Just a little gristle. Find that sweet spot, and the pelvic will open right up. I have done this with a pen knife. It's not hard at all.
And gloves, lots of gloves (messy).
I have never used gloves, blood washes off, and it won't hurt you at all! :D
yea cant feel anything with gloves
yea cant feel anything with gloves
MSGT-R is talking about surgical gloves.
i know
I have never used gloves, blood washes off, and it won't hurt you at all! :D
Tell that to my uncle...... He got some kind of disease cause he had an open sore or cut himself while skinning one. I've heard of others catching something as well. Not that that makes me wear gloves, just sayin.....

The SOG Seal Pup does a good job. Not the IDEAL skinning knife, but in general, it does awesome. It'll cut thier throat like the grand canyon: deep and wide..... So far, I love mine. Takes an edge easy enough and holds it relatively well.
I'm assuming since you said it's for deer hunting you want it for field dressing abd skinning, not survival. Look around for a Buck alpha series. They come in straight or folding version with a 3" blade and with or without a guthook. They have a great feel, hold an edge well and the guthook is a dream to use.
I have a Scharde (Old Timer) folding lock back hunter knife that I have used for the past 13 years. Believe that I bought it @ wally world and it came with a sheath. Never had an issue with it and still have/use it. Not expensive either, at least back then it wasn’t, not sure what they go for today.
I bought a pair from knife of alaska about 7 or 8 years ago. They have been the best knifes I have usedr. Never wanted a big blade knife ether for dressing out deer.
For thirty years or more I used the "Edge Brand" "Solingen Steel" stag handled "Buffalo Skinner" I bought new when I was 13 years old at W.T. Grant as my all around hunting knife, for gutting and skinning, deer and small game, and LOVED that knife...

UNTIL I lost it in the woods when the third or fourth sheath I had to buy for it failed!....:mad:

I had a Western Drop Blade Hunter in my knife drawer that I acquired some time ago that I let my son use as a hunting knife when he used to hunt with me...that I began using as my "hunting knife," It is absolutely the GREATEST knife I have ever used to gut a deer...

THEN I acquired an Old Timer classic Skinner knife on clearance at Dick's for a song, and I am now CONVINCED.

You NEED a decent "Drop Point" as your "Field Knife," and a dedicated "Skinner" for skinning....using a "Skinner" for gutting, and you will be hamstrung a little, using a "Hunting Knife" for skinning and you will be also hamstrung...a LOT!

"Compromise" knives that can do several things means they CAN do several things, but none of them WELL....

You need a good DROP POINT for Field Dressing, and a good SKINNER for skinning...and NEVER the 'twain shall meet....;)

Just as you need a good stiff knife for BUTCHERING, and another nice flexible Fillet knife for BONING...

IF you hunt AND butcher deer, you will need a MINIMUM of 4 good knives...GOOD, not necessarily EXPENSIVE...

While my Western Drop Point is no longer made, there are plenty of good 4" drop point stainless belt knives Made in USA by several manfacturerers, Buck, Case, Gerber, Kabar, etc, ...that are available and that will hold a good edge....

You will have a hard time beating an "Old Timer" $19.99 Classic Skinner carbon steel Skinning Knife for what it does, large enough for skinning, small enough for "caping," as long as you oil it after you are done before you store it...

If you are lucky enough to find or have a Case XX Fillet Knife, it will be the knife you use the most for deboning AND butchering....

And an Old Hickory Carbon Steel Butcher Knife that you may find used at yard sales or flea markets for a song ($5-$20) (mine is the one my Dad bought in North Carolina new just after he married my Mom, when they were at Ft. Bragg in 1944, for $2.00...) is about the best carbon steel kitchen/Butcher knives you can find....they REALLY hold an edge...
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I have carried a Buck 119 for many many years it has served me well. It is a little bigger then what you want but it is a great knife.
oh and gut hooks are a waste of time IMO. I had one never liked it.
im not a fan of gut hooks either
Man has hunted, killed, gutted, and skinned animals for thousands of years. He never had a gut hook, or a butt plug, didn't need them!
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