Goodbye Linda & Joe

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ruffitt, Feb 28, 2003.

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    Jan 28, 2003
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    (9/14/01 8:33:51 am)
    Goodbye Linda & Joe
    This has nothing to do with guns......

    I just found out that two of my old racing friends were on United Flight 93.

    Joe De Luca (in charge of Race Control for Northern NJ Region of the SCCA).....back then Joe was just another racer (as was I). A neat guy with a great sense of humor. Always smiling, even after we banged fender (more than once). I'll miss you Joe.

    Linda Gronlund (Chief of Flagging & Communications, NNJ Region of SCCA). I was Station Chief at turn 7 at Lime Rock on Linda's first day of flagging back in '70 or '71. Linda was on the phones when a car came thru the station end-over-end.....I picked her up and threw her into the woods, then hit the ground and the car went over my head. Luckily nobody was hurt.....even the driver was able to walk away from it. Later she asked me, "Is it always as exciting as this?!" She stuck with it......gutsy girl.

    Goodbye Linda & Joe.

    (9/14/01 8:57:47 am)
    Re: Goodbye Linda & Joe
    XRacer, prayers go out to you and to their families.

    They are in God's hands now.

    (9/14/01 11:00:47 am)
    Re: Goodbye Linda & Joe
    Thanks "T" just never know when things like this are going to hit close to home.

    I suspect that Linda & Joe, and the many others on the 4 airliners, at the World Trade Centers, and the Pentagon are just the first casualties in what will turn out to be protracted war against terrorism.

    (9/14/01 11:59:26 am)
    |Re: Goodbye Linda & Joe
    Another tragedy. Sorry to hear about it.
    A manager for one of our restaurant's sister had just started Friday or Monday and he is unable to locate her.
    One of my cashiers has an uncle that was supposed to be at a meeting in the WTC, but was too sick to attend.
    Everyone is going to know someone who has been directly affected by this dastardly deed.
    A real sorrow

    It is time for the past few generations to learn the true meaning of our national anthem.

    It choked me up to see the Palace Guard play the Star-Spangled Banner. What a differece 200 years can make.
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