Got a cmp 1903 Yesterday

Discussion in 'Curio & Relics Forum' started by cointoss2, Mar 4, 2003.

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    I got my cmp 1903 springfield yesterday. Papers say it was aresenal refinished. Barrell says HS then an ordanance bomb then 5 44. Reciver serial # IS 207xxx Which is a bad heat treat low #. After degreasing I took the bolt apart to find the firing pin was ground off. Did the CMP do this because they didn't want me to shoot it??? Is it safe to shoot with mil-spec ammo. If it isn't why would they re-barrell it???? Would it be safe to shoot with reduced loads???

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    Re: Got a cmp 1903 Yesterday
    I'd notify them of this and demand a fully inspected
    operational rifle ASAP!

    Check the papers again, it should say whether it is
    service grade or not.

    The HS on the barrel stands for "High Standard".

    You should be able to shoot any Mil-Spec
    or commercial .3006 ammo in that rifle.

    I'd be jumpin in their sh*t if I were you!
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    Definately send it back, and tell them they sent you a non-functional drill rifle instead of a functional rifle.
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    The receiver serial number and the HS barrel would be enough to make me go ballistic. Send it back!

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    FWIW, the policy of the CMP is indeed to render low numbered 03's non-firing, it's posted somewhere on the web site. I've been told that you can send it back and get one that's fit to shoot.

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    Not to slap CMP around, but lately they have been sending some real crap to folks. I expect some "used" guns, but I have heard real crap is being delivered.....wall hangers at best. They are not doing it by mistake either, these guns are they know the exact condition. Very depressing. Smallbore is now the way to go from them, but don`t wait, if you see something you like......or you will once again get the bottom of the barrel. LTS

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    Mine was an 03-A3 and it is just like new! I don't think this rifle was ever fired. It has a 2 groove barrel that is just like glass on the inside. It is a Remington.

    I have another 03 in the 600xxx range that was rebarreled in '42 that is also in real nice shape. I shoot it all the time. Hatcher says that they are OK and that the few that boew up probably had the wrong ammo in them.

    Anyway these 2 rifles make a nice pair and I'm proud to have them.
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