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Were they your cast bullets, or store-bought cast bullets? Because store-bought bullets come with a waxy "hard lube" on 'em, and that stuff smokes like the dickens. If you cast your own and lube 'em with alox, and a lot of that smoke will go away.

I just looked at Hodgdon's site, and 4.0 is the max load, but they are seating them at 1.125, not the 1.135 you used. This deeper seating will decrease powder capacity, and increase pressures.

Soot on the case is normally caused by the case not expanding completely to fill the chamber, and burning powder gases coming back by it. The standard solution is a higher pressure cartridge or a thinner-wall cartridge case, or both. You might try seating the bullet a little deeper and see if that cures it.

Me personally - I wouldn't worry about it. It cleans right off when I tumble the brass.
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