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(9/19/02 9:04:11 am)
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Got my Duck Blind out
There are only 35 blinds allowed in the portion of the Missouri River that runs from Gavins Point dam to Springfield SD. Me and my Dad were each lucky enough to draw one. Spent the last week getting a couple blinds built and yesterday the area was opend up to put them in the water.

It was chaos at the boat dock. The area with unlimited blinds upriver from us was also opened yesterday. There were around 100 boats and blinds in the water, or trying to get in the water.

Both our blinds measre 4x8 and sit on a metal frame that is on stilts (adjustable for the water level). The blinds both weighed about 400 lbs without the frames. It took two boats. One to haul people and one to haul the blind with 1 person driving. had to go about 1 mph to keep from tipping, plus driver could not see anything in front of him.

When we got everything out in the water we placed the frame and stilts and lifted the blind off the boat and onto the stilts. Water is about waist high but will go down as they let it all go to Iowa to support barge traffic.

The good thing about me being out of work this year is I will get to go hunting more

We are going to get out on the river and camoflae both blinds within the next couple weeks and I will post some pictures.

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(9/25/02 10:12:55 pm)
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Now yer quackin'!! Caint wait to see the pics.
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