Got My First 80/91

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    Jan 14, 2011
    I finally bought my first old military rifle.
    It's a Hex Tula 30/91, made in 1930. I got one of the one's from Aim.
    It's really in pretty nice condition, no pitting and good stock that still has the markings on it.
    The bore is not too bad, very slightly pitted.
    Overall, I'm pretty darn happy with it.
    I got a tin of ammo, but it's just to darn cold to shoot right now.

    I do need to slug the bore and finish getting it cleaned up.

    Aim is now sold out of them, so I surprised I got such a nice one. I'm looking forward to shooting it. All the numbers match, which is always good.
    I need to check the head space before shooting it.
    Have most of you found the H.S. to be good on the one's you have bought?

    It was fun checking out all the numbers and markings, one always hopes to have got something more rare, but even a common one is great to have.

    I pretty much buy old 22LR rifles, but now will pick up some more C&R's when I find a good price.
    I'm like many others, kick myself in the butt for not buying a bunch when they were dirt cheap 20 years ago.

    I won't bother to post a picture, you all know what a nice one looks like, were it rare, then I'd take the time, but it's not.
    Darn nice rifle for the price. One of the last you can still buy cheap.

    I've been told most of the bores measure .311", so if that's the case, when it comes to jacketed bullets and best accuracy with handloads, are you shooting .311" bullets or .308" bullets. I'm thinking it's most likely a tight .311", so that may increase pressure. What guidelines are you using?

    My Best, John K
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