got my new 1911.... knife yesterday

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    Mar 26, 2003
    I just got my M-1911 today, and I'm very pleased with it. It came nicely packaged with an Allen wrench to remove the grips, and/or install the pocket clip. The knife is well made, and I found no tooling marks of any kind on the inside. The fit of the grips is better than that of some 1911 handguns. They easily lift off, yet there is no movement even with the retaining screws out. Operation is simple, and positive, and the bar spring allows no movement of the blade until you cause it to move. Also included is a denier nylon belt sheath that fits snugly. The sheath has two elastic bands on the back side for vertical mounting, as well as a 4" strap that can be secured with velcro.

    The edge is very sharp, but I did not try to shave with it. .... and I didn't cut myself with it either.

    I like well-made guns and knives.... this is a well-made knife.....

    Simply my opinion

    The M-1911 knife with G-10 grips, and my VBOB with G-10 grips...

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    That is one helluva sweet combo !! Love the bobtail look and the blade looks quite functional.

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