Gotta Lead on a Mossberg 46B with Mossberg Scope

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    Reply Gotta Lead on a Mossberg 46B with Mossberg Scope
    Don't have all the details yet, but was told by a friend that a nearby shop has a a Mossberg 46B, complete with Mossberg scope, in supposedly nice condition. It is, however, missing the swivels, and I don't know if it still retains the original sights. For the sake of arguement, let's say it has the sights. What would be a fair price on such a rifle with the scope?

    I know this info is scarce, but I haven't seen it firsthand yet. I plan on doing so this weekend. I do believe the asking price is $200.

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    Reply Re: Gotta Lead on a Mossberg 46B with Mossberg Scope
    Seems ok, if it is 100% correct. Would need to know.....pre or post war. Postwar is cool, 20LR, 23 Longs.........30 shorts. This is also a triple sight rifle. LTS
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