Gotta watch 'em close...

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    Gotta watch 'em close...
    Sold a new-in-box TRG-S .338 Lapua to a guy on GB. Smooth deal on the rifle. After the sale, he contacts me for some ammunition because he is going on a hog hunt (must be some damn BIG hogs). OK, I know I have one box of .338 LM so I give him a good deal since he bought the rifle ($65 shipped). Well, as luck has it I DONT have that box of .338 LM, sold it with the previous TRG! So, I call my buddy in Georgia who has a box and I pay for the ammo PLUS UPS Next-Day Air directly to my customer. Now I'm in the hole, but that's OK since I screwed up initially.

    I know this is getting long, but bear with me.

    Today the guy emails me wanting his money back because he "never got the ammo." Insists I should send him a pair of Leupold ringmounts to "make up for it." Did a little research and turns out this guy refused the first ammo shipment and it was returned to Georgia. They RESHIPPED it, and this guy received AND SIGNED FOR IT at 3:08pm Central - four hours before he emails me claiming to have never received it.

    GB User Name "hanes_89". Was an NR until I gave him an A+ for buying the rifle.

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    Re: Gotta watch 'em close...

    I'd put a heads up on this guy in our Feedback forum!
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