Grandson must have been a Republican

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  1. sting75ray

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    Jun 30, 2011
    DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — A home invasion at Rep. Leonard Boswell's Iowa farm ended when his 22-year-old grandson fetched a shotgun and aimed it at the intruder, according to a statement from the congressman's office. No one was seriously injured.

    The incident started about 10:45 p.m. Saturday when an armed man came in through the front door, attacked Boswell's daughter, Cindy Brown, and demanded money, the statement said. Boswell, 77, heard his daughter's screams, came into the entryway and attempted to disarm the intruder.

    As they struggled, Boswell's grandson, Mitchell Brown, got a shotgun from another room. When he pointed the shotgun at the intruder, the man fled into the fields around the house outside Lamoni.

    Boswell's wife, Dody Boswell, 75, also was home during the attack. His spokesman Grant Woodard said the whole family is safe and unhurt, aside from some scrapes and bruises.

    The family is shaken up, but "they're dealing with it pretty well," Woodard said Sunday morning.

    He deferred other questions to the Decatur County Sheriff's Office, which is investigating along with the FBI and other agencies. Sheriff Herbert Muir wasn't available for comment Sunday morning.

    Boswell, a Democrat, has represented Iowa's 3rd District for eight terms in Congress. He is expected to face a challenge next year from Republican Rep. Tom Latham, who is moving into the district to avoid running against Republican Rep. Steve King after their territories were merged during once-per-decade redistricting that follows each census.

    Iowa is going from five to four congressional seats because its population growth hasn't kept pace with the rest of the nation. The new 3rd District will include Des Moines and 16 counties in southwest Iowa.
  2. hogger129

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    Nov 29, 2009
    I think it's kind of ironic. Democrats defending their homes with guns.

  3. Hatch

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    Sep 24, 2010
    I dont. I think it's worth noting though that they have let their party be hijacked by ultra liberal organizations and "they"... "think" that all of them must be just like them, so they keep voting Dem, but they dont realize how far from the truth that is. They are either so far ignorant as to be completely out of touch with reality, or they are complicit... which is worse?

    Either way, in their minds, they dont see any problem at all. They have no trouble rationalizing their decisions no matter what it does.
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