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(4/21/01 12:09:17 pm)
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To polishshooter and every one else thanks for some interesting reading.

Now for a morbid topic I've never seen written about. My uncle was killed in action in 1945 while serving with the 76th Infantry Division, in Germany. He was initially buried in a U.S. military cemetery in Luxembourg. Apparently no U.S. service men were buried in Germany. Several years after the war my grandparents had his remains brought home to be buried in their Church's cemetery. My mother said that shipping was not available to bring his remains home until then. She said all the families she new of had their boys bodies brought back home if they could.

Now for my question (after a long lead in). Would my uncle and the other men who were brought home still have grave markers in Europe? If they removed their grave markers it would ruin the lay out of the cemeteries.

Rons Toys
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(4/21/01 12:46:28 pm)
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17th FA Bn,
First welcome to our board.
I did a little search and came up with a few sites with a little history and a few pics. Sorry I can't answer your question.


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(4/21/01 1:37:12 pm)
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Re: Graves Registration


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(4/21/01 3:29:23 pm)
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Yup, 17 -
Enjoyed your 1st post - hope it won't be your last!

Sorry, I can't answer your question on vacant gravesites - your question is a good one -
what DO they do when it is excavated and empty? Oh, Hell - I KNOW they will fill them up, smart guys, but just what happens with the marker - you know how the military loves everything dressed right!
Keep off the Ridgeline!!

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(4/21/01 5:52:28 pm)
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Hi 17, welcome aboard.

I doubt that they'd remove the marker......for several reasons.

1) It would ruin the symmetry of these beautifully maintained sites.

2) To memorialize the deceased in a country he fought to free.

3) So at least his name is still there among his fallen comrades.

Altogether fitting and proper, I'd say.

17th FA Bn
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(4/21/01 8:09:27 pm)
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Thanks RONS Toys for the site.

According to it there were many temporary grave yards that were used right after the battles. After the war they were consolidated into permanent cemeteries such as the ones at Normandy and in Luxembourg. Only the bodies that were not being shipped home were put in the permanent Grave yard. According to the site 39% of the bodies in this combat area were left over seas.

General Patton is in the cemetery in Luxembourg. They said he was originally in with the other soldiers, but so many visitors came they ruined the grass in the area. Because of this they moved his body to an area near the flag pole which is paved.

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(4/21/01 9:25:07 pm)
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Welcome 17th!

I have no clue, I'm learning just from your post!

I'm currently reading a new book, "Beyond Valor," based on e-histories of WWII Rangers and Airborne, and some of it has to do with visiting cemeteries and memorials 50+ years later. It's fascinating.

I'll have to check out those sites, RonsToys is my hero when it come to great sites to reference on the web. He is our official "Web Historian."

Check out some of the early posts on this forum, he has a few more great ones!

Good to see you made it!
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