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Figured priming would go much faster with 2,so started the little woman with priming...
550-no toolhead---primer return arm disconnected
Me-Right side--feed brass=lift plate 6"=pull primer carrier back=prime case
Her-Left side--hit index star=remove primed case
Did 250 .300wh bolt /250 .300wh semi in about 40min
Teaching her charging case with TB(bolt) and using loading tray.
What fun...

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That is good to be able to teach someone else to load!!

I had a strange reloading moment a few minutes ago. My daughter called us to wish a happy thanksgiving. We talked about just about everything for about 40 minutes. At one point, out of the blue, she asked me if I had any kind of book or something that tells about bullets and stuff like how much powder to put in them to make them shoot again!!!!! WOW, that surprised the crap out of me!

My answer, of course, was YES, I have all kinds of books that are called reloading manuals and everything needed to reload those empty shells are in those manuals!! She said that when she comes back to the mainland, she wants to learn all about it. I told her that if I was still alive when she moves back I would teach her everything that I know, BUT whether I was alive or not, she would have to read the manuals first.
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