Great Seller.. Thank you teehee

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    Here is a letter I sent to a seller of an auction on GB that I won just before they pulled the plug on me. Since I can not leave him positive feedback on GB I will do it here.


    The part came in the mail today and was exactly like you described, but I do have
    one small problem that has just accrued. The problem is that I will not be able to leave
    you any positive feedback, it has absolutely nothing to do with you. What happened is this
    a while ago I was on the BrandX message forum and ask the admin a question as to
    how I can post a link to another web site so I could help the other users of the board with
    a question they had about a firearm. Well the next thing I know is (without any warning) I
    get booted off the board. I know I could have logged back on with a new user name but
    figured it was not worth it. Not long after that quite a few others(buyers and sellers)
    were having a problem also with the admin and got booted off the system because of a question
    they had about bad buyers and sellers and how BrandX did nothing to stop them. Well someone
    pulled up one of my old post that was there and again without any warning BrandX this
    time closed my auction account and left me negative feedback. Which was against their
    own rules when it comes to the feedback policy. Yes I can log back in under a different name
    and start all over again, but to me it is just not worth it. I will from now on buy items from
    auction arms and others. I am truly sorry that I can not leave any feedback for you. If you
    can email me your user name I will check your auctions from time to time and contact you
    directly if there are no bidders on your items and purchase them without going thru GB.
    If you want to learn more about the problems with gun broker and/or feel like putting in your
    $.02 worth about different topics than may I invite you over to:
    You will find many familiar faces there and receive a very warm welcome. If you like tell
    them that "flhunter" sent you. I hope to see you there.

    Thank you again on the item and I am very happy with my purchase.


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    Hi John, it's all your fault I'm now here and really ensconced.
    I have already sold stuff here and discounted it for TFF users.
    Nice not to have to pay the FVF and be censored terminally, thanx again for the invite, Gary AKA teehee