GRNC Alert 8-9-03: NRA Misrepresents Suit Against GRNC

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    May 25, 2003
    GRNC Alert 8-9-03: NRA Misrepresents Suit Against GRNC

    Grass Roots North Carolina, P.O. Box 10684, Raleigh, NC 27605,
    919-664-8565,, GRNC Alert Hotline: (919) 562-4137

    Please distribute this alert to all pro-gun organizations and networks

    GRNC Alert 8-9-03:
    NRA Misrepresents Suit Against GRNC

    As noted in previous alerts, NRA lawyer Dan Zavadil recently filed a
    lawsuit against pro-gun organization Grass Roots North Carolina. Since
    1994, GRNC has been repeatedly forced to reveal NRA sellouts on gun issues
    to Second Amendment supporters. But even we were shocked when the
    organization which purports to fight abusive lawsuits by cities against
    makers (e.g. S. 659) has allowed its own NRA Office of the General Counsel
    to conduct conveniently-timed litigation against a small all volunteer
    pro-gun group with limited resources.

    Gun rights supporters should be aware that GRNC has no interest in a
    national battle against the NRA. Unfortunately, however, the threat to
    GRNC's survival left no choice. Worse, statements released by both the NRA
    and its board members have misrepresented the lawsuit, GRNC's actions, and
    the legislative issues on which NRA has repeatedly sold out its own
    for self-serving purposes. Below, we respond to specific

    NRA BOARD MISREPRESENTATION: Board members such as H. Walt Walter and
    Coy claimed GRNC is not a defendant in the suit.

    FACT: The lawsuit (case # CA 03-906-A, U.S. District Court, Eastern
    District of Virginia, Alexandria Division) lists both Francis Paul Valone
    II and GRNC/FFE, Inc. "Jointly & Severally", seeking $75,000 in damages.

    NRA MISREPRESENTATION: Board member Walt Walter has claimed, "the NRA is
    not part of the suit." Official NRA communications claim: "NRA has not
    filed suit against Grassroots North Carolina..."

    FACT: As noted by GRNC attorney James Jeffries IV: "First, the lawsuit was
    filed by Dan Zavadil, Assistant General Counsel for the NRA. Mr. Zavadil
    signed the Complaint as Ms. Palmer's counsel and gave his address as 11250
    Waples Mill Road, 6th floor, Fairfax, Virginia 22030. Mr. Zavadil listed
    his phone number as (703) 267-1250 and his fax number as (703) 267-3985.
    This address and telephone information corresponds exactly to the
    information shown on Mr. Zavadil's official NRA letterhead. Further, Mr.
    Zavadil sent a demand letter to Mr. Valone as a precursor to the lawsuit
    that was issued on NRA letterhead. While it is true that the NRA is not
    plaintiff (which is not legally possible) it is not true that the NRA did
    not file the litigation. Their own counsel did, in fact, file the suit and
    continues to pursue it against F. Paul Valone II personally and GRNC."

    NRA MISREPRESENTATION: Say official NRA communications, "Mr. Valone sent
    email to numerous people falsely claiming that [NRA lobbyist] Mrs.
    [Jennifer H.] Palmer was committing adultery."

    FACT: Responds attorney Jeffries: "It is not true that F. Paul Valone II
    sent an email to various people falsely claiming that Ms. Palmer had
    committed adultery. Instead, he reported a conclusion made by another
    (which had been reported to him by this third party after observation of
    Ms. Palmer's rapport with an Assistant North Carolina Attorney General).
    That report occurred in the context of an explanation of the NRA's and Ms.
    Palmer's activities undermining GRNC's legislative initiatives at the
    Carolina General Assembly. This conclusion is confirmed by the plain
    language of the allegedly defamatory statement recited in the Complaint
    filed by NRA Assistant General Counsel Daniel Zavadil. Finally, Valone did
    not vouch for the accuracy of the information or assert its truth, but
    simply reported what he had been told."

    NRA MISREPRESENTATION: Says the official NRA communication: "Despite
    several opportunities to do so, Mr. Valone refused to apologize for making
    the false statement and refused to retract the false statement."

    FACT: Says GRNC's counsel: "It is not true that Valone was offered an
    opportunity to apologize. He was instructed to print a retraction, once by
    Ms. Palmer and once by Mr. Zavadil (on a demand letter written on NRA
    letterhead) under direct threat of litigation. The retraction he was
    instructed to print included facts about which he had no personal
    and, therefore, could not truthfully assert. The retraction demanded would
    have also constituted a legal admission of libel on his part thereby
    leaving him legally defenseless against claims like those ultimately filed
    by Mr. Zavadil. Further, both Ms. Palmer's letter and Mr. Zavadil's letter
    left him with no options because they both indicated that the retraction
    must be issued in exactly the form demanded or suit would be filed."

    NRA BOARD MISREPRESENTATION: Board member H. Walt Walter made the
    representation in a letter addressed to "GRNC Members": "On the 15th of
    July the lawyer for the defamed individual received a letter, (here I must
    presume) from the lawyer representing either GRNC or Paul Valone
    personally, stating emphatically and in a condescending manner that they
    would not honer [sic] the deadline and answer the request for an apology
    their own time."

    FACT: The letter in question was faxed on July 16-the same day NRA lawyer
    Zavadil filed the lawsuit TWO DAYS PRIOR TO HIS OWN DEADLINE. As to
    it was "condescending" or said GRNC would "answer the request for an
    apology in their own time", decide for yourself: GRNC has posted the

    GRNC CHALLENGE: GRNC invites NRA to post Palmer and Zavadil's demand
    letters, GRNC's response, Jeffries' letter and the Complaint on their web
    site and let people decide for themselves who is being truthful and who is

    NRA MISREPRESENTATION OF SB 919: Says the official NRA statement of this
    "domestic violence" bill: "As for the complaints by Grass Roots North
    Carolina regarding NRA's efforts with respect to SB 919, they are without
    merit... At no point was there ever any mention of 'registration' or
    storage fees."


    ?? "CATALOGING" EQUALS REGISTRATION: Again, decide for yourself by viewing
    Section 1, G.S. 50B-3.1(b) of the bill at
    Note that the judge is required to "catalog" the defendant's firearms at
    parte domestic violence hearings REGARDLESS of whether he determines a
    protective order should be issued, meaning that even if the judge decides
    the complaint has no merit, the "cataloging"--including any relevant
    identification numbers--would still be required. Note also that nothing
    restricts use of registration information collected. It would even be
    permissible for law enforcement authorities to send it to the BATFE.
    Calling the scheme "cataloging" instead of "registration" changes nothing.
    Finally, by definition an "ex parte" hearing DOES NOT REQUIRE
    BY THE DEFENDANT, meaning that defendants may be unable to defend
    themselves prior to having guns seized.

    that registration and confiscation measures were not issues for GRNC
    debate over the bill, GRNC objected to the entire bill--not just sections
    of it--during the first alert sent on the issue (GRNC Alert 5-24-03). GRNC
    also issued alerts and position papers opposing the bill prior to the
    bill's House Finance Committee hearing. In fact, GRNC Alert 6-4-03 is
    entitled "Stop Gun Registration & Seizure Act." These alerts are still
    available via GRNC's web site.

    ?? NRA SUPPORTED THE BILL: Although the NRA's official line is that "NRA
    took no official position on this legislation..." during the NC House
    debate over SB 919, pro-gun Rep. Carolyn Justus said: "And this bill, in
    its present form, has the support of the Attorney General, North Carolina
    Victims Assistant Network, the Governor's Crime Commission, Commission on
    Domestic Violence, the North Carolina Sheriff's Association, The Coalition
    Against Domestic Violence, the NRA and the Women's Caucus here in
    (Considering the anti-gun records of NC Attorney General Roy Cooper and
    Governor Mike Easley, the NRA is in great company here). At the bill's
    House Finance Committee meeting, NRA lobbyists Joe and Henri McClees
    offered no objections to the bill. Indeed, the Raleigh "News & Observer"
    noted: "In the end, Grass Roots North Carolina, a gun-rights group, was
    only organization actively opposing the bill."

    ?? "ALL FOR YOUR PROTECTION"? Most absurd, however, is NRA's defense that:
    "Regarding the issue of 'registration,' this is simply a red herring. It
    would seem that anyone who has had his property seized would want that
    documented, so as to facilitate its proper return in a timely and accurate
    way." Instead, it should be obvious that in order to protect gun owners,
    the GUN OWNER should be given a signed receipt for property seized, not
    LAW ENFORCEMENT personnel who seized the firearms.


    ?? CONTACT THE NRA (1-800-672-3888 & 1-800-392-8683) and let them know
    that you don't want your membership dues used to sell out gun rights and
    silence legitimate pro-gun activists. Regretfully, the only way to get the
    message across is to convince them that their abuses will cost them money.
    GRNC has always encouraged gun rights supporters to join the NRA and to
    keep memberships even when the NRA has undermined the Second Amendment.
    This time, however, the NRA is going to far. While GRNC does not advocate
    any particular action that means annual membersnot Life membersmay
    resigning their memberships. Life members and others might consider
    the NRA know that they will not contribute a dime to the organization for
    as long as it compromises gun rights.

    ?? CONTACT NRA BOARD MEMBERS listed below and let them know what the
    organization they direct has been up to.

    ?? FIGHT THE LAWSUIT by donating to the Rights Watch Activist Defense
    Fund, care of Rights Watch International, P.O. Box 10684, Raleigh, NC
    27605. Because RWI is a chartered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, all
    donations are tax deductible. Bear in mind that if GRNC and RWI don't have
    enough money to fight the lawsuit, the fact that it is frivolous will be
    moot. Moreover, it will encourage the NRA to use the same tactics against
    other pro-gun activists who refuse to "toe the line." To donate using a
    credit card, go to

    ?? USE GRNC's AUTOMATED E-MAIL: Go to and
    sign your name. In just a few minutes, you can send e-mails to the NRA and
    many of its board members.


    ?? NRA BOARD OF DIRECTORS using the addresses below or GRNC's automated
    e-mailer at

    NRA Contact Numbers:
    NRA-ILA phone number: 1-800-NRA-3888 (prompt #1 to resign memberships;
    prompt #5 for input on state and local affairs).
    Membership Account Information 1-877-672-2000
    NRA Member Programs 1-800-672-3888
    NRA/ILA 1-800-392-8683
    NRA Sales 1-800-336-7402

    Mr. Sanford M. Abrams 25 Cotswold Court, Owings Mills MD 21117-1275
    Dr. Thomas P. Arvas 7905 Spain Rd NE, Albuquerque NM 87109-3117
    Mr. Scott L. Bach P.O. Box 651, Newfoundland NJ 07435
    Mr. William A. Bachenberg Bethlehem PA
    Mrs. M. Carol Bambery 1124 S. Geneva Drive, DeWitt MI 48820-9537
    Hon. Bob Barr 3760 Sixes Road, Ste. 126, PMB 247, Canton GA 30114
    Mr. Wilbert G. Bauer 209 Someday Road, Boerne TX 78006-7024
    Dr. David E. Bennett, III 11828 Caribou Avenue, NE, Albuquerque NM
    87111-7215 Hon. David O. Boehm 2470 East Avenue,
    NY 14610
    Hon. Bill K. Brewster 601 13th St. NW, Suite 410S, Washington DC
    LTC Robert K. Brown 5735 Arapahoe Avenue #A-5, Boulder CO 80303-1340 Mr. David A. Butz 65 Oak Grove Drive, Belleville IL
    Dr. David I. Caplan 247 SE 3rd Avenue, Delray Beach FL 33483-4511
    Mr. Ron L. Carlisle Rt. 1, Box 55, Kopperl TX 76652-9716
    Mr. J. William Carter P O Box 2127, Fredericksburg TX 78624
    Mr. Donald M. Causey 9300 S. Dadeland Blvd #605, Miami FL 33156-2721
    Mrs Patricia A. Clark 25 Point O Rocks Road, Newtown CT 06470-1933 Mr. Jeff Cooper Gunsite Ranch, Paulden AZ 86334
    Mr. Allan D. Cors 7413 Georgetown Court, McLean VA 22102-2123
    Mr. Charles L. Cotton 110 Eagle Lakes Drive, Friendswood TX 77546-5852
    Prof. David G. Coy 1020 Brookside Drive, East Adrian MI 49221-3248
    Hon. Larry E. Craig 313 Senate Hart Bldg., Washington DC 20510
    Hon. Barabara L. Cubin 2241 Belmont Road, Casper WY 82604-4649
    Mr. John L. Cushman 107 Truberg Avenue, Patchogue NY 11772-1748
    Mr. William H. Dailey 1528 6th Ave., Moline IL 61265-2049
    Mr. H. Tom Davison 2304 Oxford, Bryan TX 77802-1941
    Mr. Donn C. DiBiasio 1284 North Main Street, Providence RI 02904-1830
    Ms. Diana Dunigan 161 Mackay Drive, Brunswick GA 31525-2862
    Mr. Manuel Fernandez P O Box 7832, Mission Hills CA 91346-7832
    Ms. Sandra S. Froman P O Box 36228, Tucson AZ 85740-6228
    Mr. Thomas F. Gaines 947 Ithaca Court, Chula Vista CA 91913-3011
    Ms. Marion P. Hammer P O Box 7530, Tallahassee FL 32314-7530
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    Mr. Charlton Heston 11250 Waples Mill Road, Fairfax VA 22030-9400
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    Mr. Roy Innis 817 Broadway, 3rd Floor New York NY 10003-4809
    Mr. Joaquin Jackson 1010 N. Bird Street, Alpine TX 79830-3206
    Mr. David C. Jones 155 Covert Lane, Ellisville MO 63021-4603 Ms. D. Cynthia Julien 37A Pheasant Run,
    RI 02917-2535
    Mr. David A. Keene 5899 Parenham Way, Alexandria VA 22310-5301
    Mrs. Sue King 515 Timber Terrace, Houston TX 77079-2463
    Mr. Herbert A. Lanford, Jr. 6530 Davidson Road, K-6, Columbia SC
    Mr. Michael A. Lee P O Box 540, Denmark ME 04022-0540
    Mr. Karl A. Malone 301 W 100 S, Salt Lake City UT 84101-1209
    Ms. Carolyn Meadows 2665 Holly Spring Road NE, Marietta GA 30062
    Mr. John Milius Warner Bros., Bldg. 81, Room 215, Burbank CA 91522
    Mr. William A. Miller, Jr. P O Box 1992, Beckley WV 25802-1992
    Mr. James D. Nicholson 7305 Arbor Oaks Drive, Dallas TX 75248-2203
    Mr. Grover Norquist 718 N. Carolina Avenue, SE, Washington DC 20003-1359
    LTC Oliver L. North 22570 Markey Court, Suite 230, Dulles VA 20166-6915
    Mr. Theodore Nugent 4133 W. Michigan Avenue, Jackson MI 49202-1862
    Dr. David A. Oliver 16537 Winter Leaf Drive, Wildwood MO 63011-1824
    orangedoc@worldnet.att net
    Det. Lance R. Olson 705 William Avenue, Marengo IA 52031-1047
    Mr. Ernie Padgette 11719 Blue Smoke Trail, Reston VA 20191-3701
    Mr. James W. Porter, II P O Box 128, Birmingham AL 35201-0128
    Sheriff Jay Printz 226 Marcus St, Hamilton MT 59840-3144
    Mr. Todd J. Rathner 802 E. Hedrick Drive, Tucson AZ 85719-2531
    Mrs. Edie P. Reynolds 3709 Marlin Court, Raleigh NC 27604-3319
    Chief Kayne B. Robinson 3100 St. Johns Road, Des Moines IA 50312-4529
    Col. Wayne A. Ross P O Box 101522, Anchorage AK 99510-1522
    Mr. Carl T. Rowan, Jr. 2910 Fessenden St., NW, Washington DC 20008-1025
    Mr. Don Saba P O Box 42486, Tucson AZ 85733-2486 info@sierrab
    Mr. Robert Sanders Punta Gorda FL
    Mr. Ronald L. Schmeits 200 S. 2nd Street, Raton NM 87740-3908
    Mr. Harold W. Schroeder 24 Irwinwood Road, Lancaster NY 14086-2415
    BIGBUD9 Mr. John C. Sigler 11 Waterwheel Circle, Dover DE
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    Hon. Donald E. Young 2111 Rayburn House
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